Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am back to outlining All Of The Love In The World.   And the add adage is true.  Anyone can write a good first act.  All of my first acts are good.  The second act comes around, and now I no longer have the novelty of my concept/scenario to float me.  I have to tell a fucking story.

Well, challenge accepted, motherfucker!  I'm gonna fuck the shit out of this second act, so suck it!

1.  What does Nick (protag.) want?
He wants to a) get back Brenda's (his deceased ex-wife's) engagement ring (McGuffin?),
b) relieve his guilt about leaving Brenda in such an unstable, vulnerable state.
c) get the hell up outta his in-laws house as soon as possible.

2.  What keeps him from achieving these goals?
a) Annabelle (Brenda's 15 year old sister) has the ring on a necklace around her neck.
b) a whole lotta shit.  Not least of all, mounting suspicions that Brenda killed herself.
c)  the blizzard of the fucking century.

Now, I need to think of more shit to happen.  15 characters in a house together for 3 days.  An infinite number of possibilities.  I have thought of about 4 of them.  I must remember that the second act is about MOUNTING OBSTACLES.  IT BECOMES INCREASINGLY DIFFICULT FOR NICK TO ACHIEVE THESE 3 GOALS.  HE IS FACED WITH CHALLENGES, AND HOW HE RESPONDS TO THESE CHALLENGES DEFINES HIS CHARACTER.

Rich white people+family issues+booze=story telling gold!  (Should remember to write a post about why I am not writing about black people... maybe)
I have been working on a first draft of my newest script "Too Big To Live" since September.  I banged it out in a week, which was my most productive writing sprint to date.  TBTL is an action-comedy about Rich, a very successful male pornstar who wants to quit porn and get into mainstream film. 

But now I am stuck and am beginning to see the depth and breadth of the issues in this script.  It is really quite bad.  There are a few good scenes, but the core of a story is missing.  I am enthusiastic about the potential of this script, but maybe I need to step away from it for a bit.

Over the summer, until early September, I worked on "River of Silence", and have made some very solid progress, but lost my way about half way through.  I stepped back to work on the new and exciting TBTL.

And now, I am circling back to my FIRST feature script.  "All Of The Love In The World", my family drama about a young man who is forced to reunite with his ex-in-laws after his ex-wife passes away.  This is by far the most ambitious of the three, and has potential to be something really, really great.  I haven't worked on it since the very beginning of Summer, so I think it is time to come back.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Three Uses of The Gun

I've just read David Mamet's "Three Uses Of The Knife".  I didn't want to use that title, which is an amazing title, so I went with Three Uses Of The Gun.  I was going to go with "Pistol" instead of "Gun", but as a matter of syllables,  I went with "gun".

This Blog will be a diary of the progress on my screenplays.

Right now I have 3.

1.  All Of The Love In The World

2.  River Of Silence

3.  Too Big To Live