Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Carpenters build houses, shoemakers make shoes...if you want to be a writer, then write motherfucker!

The Continuing adventures...

What project should I pick up (or dust off) next?

I have a good idea for the AOTLITW.  I just read Traps by Friedrich Duerrenmatt.  Found it at the Salvi.  Sadly, it has nothing to do with delicious lady-boys.  But it does have to do with a man facing a mock trial by a bunch of new friends, and ultimately realizing that the death of his boss was actually a perfect perfect murder, ingeniously executed by his own subconscious.  Which gives me a nice thematic thread for my family drama:  What if Nick comes to believe that Brenda's death was actually a murder-by-proxy, that he unknowingly committed?  Really, this is just a more dramatic elaboration of the lingering question of the script so far:  is Nick responsible for Brenda's death?  Maybe Carol believes that he subconsciously orchestrated the whole thing, and eventually convinces him of the same?  Not bad, not bad.

Then I have my psycho-thriller about a fashion model and her best friend.  I do look forward to working on this one, but if my speedy success with GFM has taught me anything, it is to PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE.  I need--strike that, THRIVE with a well formulated plot and structure before I even begin the screenplay.  If I know all of the major plot points before hand, I cannot get stuck 60 pages in and throw my manuscript down in a huff.  So if I commit to this one, I have to lock down a plot ahead of time. 

My other most alluring option is to pick up on River Of Silence.  I fancy this one a lot.  But, I fell into the aforementioned trap, and gave up 60 pages through.  If I am to pick this one up, I need to figure out the entire plot (I already have 3/5ths of the damned thing already!!!) and really dig my teeth in.

I don't have any interest in going back to Too Big To Live right now.

I generally feel comfortable having at least uncracked 2 script ideas floating around in my head.  As it stands, all of my ideas are currently in some stage of development (or "cracked").  This means I should probably start looking out for potential screenplay concepts...

Draft 2, Rewrite B

Fuckin' ace.  I've finally got a solid draft that I think is ready to be shown around.  Not shown around like staple a query letter to the cover and mail it to Joe Producer in Hollywood, but shown around to friends and acquaintances who could give me some feedback.

I'm super-duper proud of Goddess From The Machine.  I think it is technically my best piece of writing yet.  My confidence in the work is visible in the fact that I've actually COMPLETED a draft, as opposed to letting it die off in the 2nd act and never touching it again (see: All Of The Love In The World, River Of Silence).

So what now?  Get comments from Max and Susan, of course.  Who else can I ask to read it?  Who else do I trust to let read it?  Maybe Ronald will, but I doubt he'll jump all over the opportunity.  For sure I'd have to pulp the manuscript and bake it into a cheesecake to get Joe anywhere near the damn thing.  I think Alana has good taste, but I'm not getting the "let's be friends" vibe from her.  H---- is sort of a dick, and I don't know if he has good taste.  Will definitely  send it to Ben once I finish the NEXT draft (I only step to Ben with the best of my work).  Maggie, maybe.  Elliot --  sure, why not?  My dad...maybe.  L---- has good artistic instincts ( but couldn't S a D to save her life).  Maybe Galen likes this sort of shit.  BERA!  How could I forget Bera?  But I have to call him up, first (note to self:  hang out with Bera some time).

Will have to really dig into my little black book for more potential readers.

What next?  I need a new project.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All Of The Love In The World

Just reread the partial draft of AOTLITW (my main bitch) and DAMN IT'S GOOD.  It's very incomplete, but what is there is really compelling.  I have such a hard time working on it, but it reads so well that I know it has to be written.  Then it has to be read by some important people.  Then it has to be financed.  And then  it has to be shot.  Then it has to be edited.  Then it has to win an academy award.  Or at least a Golden Globe. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So I've finally sent Godess From The Machine out to my first reader.  Every day I change my mind as to whether it is any good or not, but I guess some outside perspective will help me make that decision.  I kill off my protagonist as the climax, and the story is handed over to a secondary character.   Wonder if I'll keep that.  It's too early to say.

Either way, a 90 page script is the perfect length script.  Especially for a genre action film; there's nothing worse than a movie that stretches its already thin plot beyond its means.

Must remember that I am trying to write a script that is AS GOOD AS "UP"!  If I can do that, artistic success and fortune (in that order) are simple eventualities.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

80 Pages

Second draft and 80 pages of gooey gorey goodness.  The first act blazes by with humor, great (?) characterization and what I think will be a pretty surprising world.  Sure the whole "women run society" thing is a little trite, but it's main use is to put a spin on a pretty tired genre (revenge action).  It isn't preachy or overwrought.

The main characters sort of blend into generic mush in the second and third acts, but the lovable "hooker with a heart of gold" keeps things buoyant.  My main issue right now is keeping the leads sharp and focused on their goals.  I also need to keep the reader aware of the time-constraints that put pressure on the protags.

Thankfully it's coming in lean with about ten pages (maybe less) left.  And, for once in my so-called writing career, I have a pretty solid idea of how it ends.

Once I pound through the rest of this draft, Im going to go back and insert a few more scenes with the antagonist and her mum.  Most of the logical problems are sorted out.

Remember:  I WRITE THE STORY, THE STORY DOESN'T WRITE ME! meaning I have total control over the world I am creating.  I can't be scared to shove things around to fit, as long as they adhere to the internal logic I have established.

onwards and upwards!