Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WWII script notes

-Protag. is a politically neutral Spanish banker.
-His lover convinced him to smuggle out a will that prove her inheritance.
-They are prepared to flee Spain when he is attacked by an assasin. His lover takes the will and boards the train without him.
-He wakes up a few days later, having been saved by Spanish resistance fighters. They tell him that the will is actually a coded document revealing the names of major OSS operatives stationed throughout Europe.
 -Finds out that the bank president is a deep-cover OSS agent, and he will pardon him for stealing the will if he agrees to board the train (as a neutral party, the Facists won't arrest him, he can travel more-or-less freely), and 1) try to recover the document, and if that is not possible 2) warn the resistance leader in Sweden of the intelligence leak. (They cannot risk communicating via wire, or anything that can be intercepted).


-Gets on train.
-Questions conductors about Hannah, where she got off.
-Gets mistaken by a British agent as his contact from the Allies, and the agent gives him the combination to a safe in the luggage compartment.  The agent knows he's been made by a Facist spy on the train, but, he does not know who the spy is.
-Establish that [something] has shut down the train station Protag departed from, and no more trains will be following them (this is important because if this train is stopped/held up, Protag will not be able to get to his destination in time).
-Finds agent dead in his compartment (the agen'ts compartment, not protag's) and has to dispose of the body to keep him from being found and the train stopped.
-What is the importance of getting to the luggage compartment?

... will work more when I talk to Bera.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Script Ideas

A drawing room comedy. A party of friends. One has an attack and collapses. "We have to call the police." "Yeah, but I have [something illegal] in the house" "Well, we have to take him to the hospital!" "But the car is broken" "So we walk" "Well, who's going to go?" "We all have to go!" "Well I can't,  the roast is in the oven." etc. etc.

all this Mamet is corrupting my mind.

Friday, November 4, 2011

two strangers on a ledge. one, a type-A young-exec, fed up with his failed marriage and the stresses of work. He thinks he wants to kill himself, but he doesn't. He just wants some love and meaning in his life. Maybe a manic-depressive. The other, woebegone self-hating, desperate, maybe self-mutilating. He genuinely wants to die, but is a coward.

It might be interesting if throughout the course of the story their positions reverse. Type-A ends up being the one who jumps while the other finds a reason to live.

For some reason the novel TRAPS comes to mind.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

script iDEAS!

A good one, finally! Though, this has probably been done before. But well? I don't know.

2 strangers choose the same ledge to leap from in their final suicidal moments. They are both there for different reasons, and want different things (one, the fame of a public suicide, the other, a peaceful death). Unable to decide who gets to jump first, with increasing pressure as the situation gets too public, these men have to negotiate with each other, with the press, and with the thousands of internet fans who accumulate in just an hour-and-a-half. A real-time suicide comedy.

Okay, I admit, this concept is MADE for the Black List, but daddy needs new shoes.