Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Double XL movie vs. movie

Alright, the best I got so far is "Romancing The Stone" set in the world of "True Romance" with bits of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang".

Friday, May 25, 2012


I am not convinced that those last three log lines are the best that I have. The road-trip one has potential, but really needs a stronger hook if I'm going to pursue it.

I like the high-rise one quite a bit, but it's a direct rip off of the first segment of "The Signal". It also is basically just zombies. I fucking hate zombies.

The ransom one has the most commercial appeal, but is a) too similar to DOUBLE XL.

I have some thinking to do.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Next Projects

Loglines for (what will be) the project I start PREPPING NEXT.

1) When a group of roadtripping friends realize that they have been driving the same mile stretch of highway for hours, they discover that they've fallen into a rip in the space/time continuum.

2) When a disease that reduces humans to their most base instincts infects a high-rise apartment, two lovers must escape to the ground floor before the madness (or their blood-thirsty neighbors) overtake them.

3) After waking up in a sinking car with his partners dead, a career criminal frees the hostage tied up in the trunk and pulls her to shore. The hostage wants to escape her tyrannical step-parents, and they devise to steal the 2,000,000 dollar ransom.

thats the ideas, anyway

Thursday, May 10, 2012

stacks on stacks on stacks

Stacking projects:

New thing. I'm gonna start stacking my projects, meaning that I will try to always have 3 scripts in play at a time.

1 draft that I am actually writing.

1 script that I am doing prep work (bios, outlining, treatment, etc) for.

1 concept that I am researching for future prep work.

So I will start with XXL as my draft, which means that I need a SCRIPT TO PREP and a CONCEPT TO RESEARCH.

My main initiative while choosing a new project is PITCHABILITY. Also,  if I can do something contained and easily genre'd that would be wonderful.

Let's peruse my old "iderps" and see what I can see...

a) A marriage counselor who bangs the troubled wives he meets with. Jesus, I've clearly been in LA too long, it's fucking with my mind.

Has  "erotic thriller potential" or rom-com potential. "Realizes that her husband is the notorious "----- killer".

b) When an artist is conned out of his (i'd say her, but goddamit I need male protag's!!) prized piece by an oversees scammer, he travels to (wherever) to get it back.

c) Something about spies implanted in American universities...

d) a young woman is taunted and humilated by her schoolmates. On halloween (or whenever) they harrass her. She is pushed to the edge! She thinks they might actually hurt her! She grabs her daddy's shotgun to defend herself and accidently shoots one of them. But it turns out to be her brother (or somebody)! In her grief, she tries to kill herself but only succeeds in blasting half of her head off. She survives, but is half retarded and all pissed. We now follow her one-time agressors as a vengeful killer stalks them.

e) A drawing room comedy. A party of friends. One has an attack and collapses. "We have to call the police." "Yeah, but I have [something illegal] in the house" "Well, we have to take him to the hospital!" "But the car is broken" "So we walk" "Well, who's going to go?" "We all have to go!" "Well I can't,  the roast is in the oven." etc. etc.

f) a thriller about somebody's doppelganger trying to kill them. hmmm... could be interesting.

g) a kid watches an old tape he finds in his parent's closet (maybe cleaning out after one of them died or something) and realizes that they were satanists.

h) a man gets a package shipped to the wrong address. Inside is (cocaine? a baby? a macguffin?)

i) two twin brother plastic surgeons decide to alter their appearances in hopes of forming stronger personal identities.

j) a plastic surgeon kills a patient and transforms himself into the deceased...why?

k) a man decides to leave his kids, his wife and his job, change his identity and start fresh in...? (maybe this is part of J)

l) A bedroom farce about 3 young professional couples who live in the same apartment building. A comedy of misunderstanding and infidelity.

m)  A night porter befriends a prostitute who works the hotel. When she ends up dead, he begins asking questions and becomes embroiled in a cover up involving local politicans and the police department.

n) a small town is thrown into pandemonium when crop duster plane crashes, enveloping the town in a deadly chemical.

o)  Six long-time friends reunite at a lakeside cabin. When one attendant's identical twin sister shows up unexpectedly, shit goes bad.

p) It's promotion time in hell, and Satan's 3 best understudies have an assigment: be the first to collect 1000 new souls and get the promotion.

q) A future where humanoid robots are commonplace and nearly indistinguishable from humans, companies supply "disposable" units which can be "murdered" by anyone willing to pay. One robot, an experimental new model that more accurately mimics human emotion escapes.

r) an awful, but ambitious novelist refuses to let his lack of talent keep him from writing the Great American Novel.

s) "Threesome" A guy meets the girl of his dreams, but finds out that she is already has a boyfriend and they want to include him in a polyamorous relationship. Romantic comedy.

t) A man returns after years estranged from his family, a man returns to his hometown
 to find it entirely deserted.

u)  A group of friends on a road trip realize that they have been driving the same one-mile strip of road, over and over, for hours. Panic sets in as they realize that they are trapped in some sort of time/space loop.

v) Residents of a wealthy high-rise apartment begin loosing their minds and killing each other. Our protagonst(s) must make it from the top to bottom floor and escape, before THE MADNESS CONSUMES THEM!

w) It's New Years Eve and Ben just wants to drop his friends off at a party and return home to wallow in his misery. Little does he know that he's in for the longest night of his life. An absurdist romantic comedy-- Take Me Home Tonight meets The Discreet  Charm of the Bourgeoisie.

x)  Three robbers break into the home of a wealthy family and make a score. After, they discover a twice-stolen master's painting in their possession, and find themselves way, way out of their league.

y) A woman wakes up in the trunk of a car that has just crashed into a lake. She is a hostage on her way to be traded for $2,000,000. She makes it to shore with the only other survivor of the accident, one of her hostage takers. Together, they devise a plan to steal the money for themselves.

z)  young woman accepts the responsibility of assisting her best friend's transition out of a mental institution.  But something has followed her friend and threatens to steal both of their sanity.

that's about all. a lot to think about...