Monday, September 17, 2012

The Death Row Papers

A young journalist gets a career-making opportunity to interview a serial killer days before his execution. As they talk, she realizes that she can write one of two stories: a fluff piece about a mass-murderer's psychotic last words, or the story of a good man who was systematically framed by the US Government to cover up a global conspiracy that he uncovered 20 years ago.

The meat of each episode occurs in flashback, detailing one of the inmate's 13 alleged murders, along with his theories on how, and more importantly WHY the American government set him up.

As the journalist begins to seriously research his claims, she starts experiencing unnerving events: phones clicking, men watching her, vague threats, and an unusual number of helicopters in the sky...
KONY 2012

the wordy version

When a misanthropic culture blogger starts a hoax kickstarter campaign to hire a team of mercenaries to assassinate an African warlord, the last thing he expects is for the campaign to go viral and raise 3 million dollars. As he becomes a national sensation, a team of bonafied ex-military assassins collect the bounty and draft him into their militia, whisking him off to Uganda along with a documentary film crew and a local news reporter turned embedded journalist.
Fuck! I was effectively canned from the Butterfly project!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Iambic Pentameter

"Traps" is the perfect project to sketch out my efforts to write dialogue in IP. If i would just get my fucking laptop in the fucking mail, I could actually get to work on that.
a film noir/ mystery/ thriller, except removed from the major genre conventions and set almost entirely in a series of rooms. something that can be made cheaply, with a handful of locations. a tense, eloquent, clever actors / director's piece.

think about this...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

KONY 2012

The "lonely nerd" archtype is boring. How to craft a more compelling, less stock protagonist?

Do they ever get to "kony island" (their exotic destination)? The commercial version says that they do, and it's a "Tropic Thunder" style clusterfuck. The indie version is they don't, and the drama plays out as their training devolves into "Lord Of The Flies" style madness.

How to navigate the SUPER problematic elements of colonialism, imperialism inherent in the story? Like Rambo and many other jingonistic american films, it's about white people shooting brown people. Is there a way to make it NOT about this? Is it a matter of changing the concept, of simply being self aware? Idk...

My computer is about to die. Z Signing Off.

KONY 2012

Alright, my other iderp is boring and retarded.

So this is my next script:

"a teenager starts a hoax kick-starter campaign to hire a militia to kill Joseph Kony (or some other third-world dictator... oh man this is about to be prob-lo-matic!). When the campaign raises millions of dollars, various militias, assassins and paramilitary groups come out of the woodwork to collect the bounty. BUT ALSO...!! A bunch of anti-social juvenile delinquents also get in on it, and our protag finds himself on a suicide mission with a bunch of fucking lunatic teens to do it themselves."

Well this is right-off-the-bat a much better idea than my clone explosion bullshit movie. Let me hash out some broad-strokes.

Act 1.

Lonely nerd. Angry, but doesn't take action in life. He starts the campaign. Also obviously high-school life subplot shizzz.

Act 2.
Somehow these lunatics convince protag to undertake this fucking mission with them. Maybe they kidnap/coerce him? Maybe they somehow make him realize that this will be the defining decision of his life: to either passivly watch the world happen around him, or to take action?  *man blogger is fucing up on my computer right now**
Maybe the lunatic convinces him to use the money to finance their  coupe. Then, when the other militias realize there is no bounty left, it's their ass(es)!

Act 3.
Whatever happens in the third act of a story like this.


Alright, I read an awesome interview at scriptshadow that has inspired me to stop being an asshole and start planning my follow up feature spec.

Since the best "sellable" iderp that i've had in the last few months is not really up to snuff (i.e. articulated in an interesting way) I'm gonna work on that. Here's what I remember of the original logline.

"in the near future, members of wealthy families are given genetic clones at birth which can be farmed for organs and tissue throughout their lives. When the US president is badly injured in an assassination attempt, his clone is put on the operating table. The clone wakes up unexpectedly, and in a feral panic escapes the hospital. He must run from government repo agents, as well as an american terrorist organization, or face death." or something like that.

so how can I make this not totally derivitave, cliched and boring? First of all, I hate "buff white man running from explosions/people with guns" movies. This falls directly into that category.

The most obvious choice for me would be to make the president/clone female, but come on; I need male leads in my life.

1. this doesn't solve the "cliche" problem, but a logistical cure-all can be that people can "download" information into the brains or whatever, so the clone can pick up skills (language,  KUNG FU!).

2. HOLD UP FUCK THIS-- I'm doing the "Kony Kickstarter" Iderp!